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Our Family History of Service

During the past half-century, Hercules has grown into the largest family-operated laundry room outsource provider in the nation. And with good reason: We've never forgotten our founder's commitment to superior customer service.

In 1959, Alfred May started Hercules as a simple storefront operation on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. From the beginning, Alfred’s premise was a simple one: To treat our customers with the same thought and care that we would require if we were in their place. Alfred understood then what we still believe now as part of his legacy: the importance of what he called the “customer connection.” Customers must know that we take our commitment to them very seriously and that we’re available at any time.

By maintaining that philosophy, Hercules has grown into a company with over 150 employees that provides end-to-end laundry room design, installation, management and service for the multi-housing, colleges/universities, hospitals and on-premise markets in the Northeast Region.

From 75,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art headquarters in Hicksville, New York, Alfred’s son, Andrew, carries that tradition forward. As President, a position he assumed in 1988, Andrew helps keep the company’s service-focused foundation strong–and bolsters it with leading-edge technology, enabling Hercules to offer our customers convenience, expertise and an overall superior laundry room experience.

In 2011, Andrew was joined in this mission by his son, Adam, making Hercules a third-generation family business. Adam, who had actively been involved in the business during the summers he was attending college, is now Vice President at the company. His role: to strengthen the relationships built by his father and grandfather, and build the new relationships–and leading-edge technologies–that will take Hercules into the future.

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