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Leading-Edge Technology

For more than 59 years, Hercules has been establishing itself as an industry innovator on the Leading-Edge of laundry room technology. We were one of the first companies to introduce Smart Card operated laundry facilities, and nearly every one of our laundry rooms is now equipped with this advanced technology.

In New York alone, more than one million residents use the convenient Hercules Smart Card, which has a small embedded chip where information can be stored. The card is inserted into a card reader on the washer or dryer and the proper amount is automatically deducted—and the remaining balance is displayed.

Replacing old fashioned, coin-operated laundry systems with advanced Smart Card technology makes sense for residents and building managers alike because:

  • It’s more convenient for laundry room users. No need to count quarters or have change available to wash or dry clothes.
  • The Smart Card cuts down on vandalism. Unlike outdated coin-operated machines, there’s no money in any of the washer or dryers that are operated by the Smart Card, so there is no reason for vandalism of the equipment.
  • It’s easy to get started. Building residents can request and add value to their Smart Card quickly and easily.
Hercules CleanPay Mobile App

Hercules now introduces the CleanPay Mobile App, a new Smart Phone app, allowing building residents to start laundry room washers and dryers with the use of a Smart Phone. Residents can download the phone app from the App Store or Google Play, and functioning like a mobile wallet, value can be added with a credit or debit card. Residents will then scan the QR Code located on the laundry machine to start the cycle. Other features of the CleanPay Mobile App include the capability of checking account balance, viewing transaction history and purchasing additional laundry credit.

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Hercules CleanPay Mobile App With Monitoring

Hercules also introduces the CleanPay Mobile App with Monitoring, a new Smart Phone app, providing, all of the same features as the above Hercules CleanPay Mobile App, but also allowing residents to view washer and dryer availability and receiving notifications about laundry status.

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The Hercules Smart Center

For even greater convenience—and superior customer service—we recently introduced the internet-based Hercules Smart Center, the fast, easy and simple way to immediately reach our dedicated Customer Service Team—right from your laundry room.

Using our exclusive touchscreen technology, laundry room users can request service within seconds and ask for an email notification when the repair is completed. And with Hercules’ service guarantee, you know a skilled technician will be there to check out the problem within 24 hours.

With the Hercules Smart Center, residents and building managers benefit from:

  • Immediate access to customer service, right from the laundry room. Just follow the simple prompts on our exclusive Smart Center touchscreen to report a problem—any time, day or night—right from the laundry room.
  • Improved customer satisfaction. Residents are notified when their service request is received—and being worked on—while the Smart Center screen lets other users know that the machine is out-of-service until it is repaired.
  • Reduced equipment downtime. By making it easier for residents to report a problem, we’ll be able to resolve it even faster, resulting in fewer complaints to property owners and managers.
  • “Smart” tips and techniques. By making it easier for residents to report a problem, we’ll be able to resolve it even faster, resulting in fewer complaints to property owners and managers.

Best of all, the new Smart Center is easy to use—the very first time you use it.

Online Laundry Monitoring, Too!

Know when there’s a washer or dryer available in your laundry room—or when your wash is done—from the comfort of your home with the new Hercules “Laundry Monitoring” real-time, online service.

With Laundry Monitoring, just a few simple clicks are all it takes to:

  • Determine the availability of washers and dryers in your building’s laundry room.
  • Find out if a machine is available, in use or if the cycle is complete.
  • Request to be notified via email when there’s a machine that’s not in use.
  • Know when your wash is finished without waiting around for it. Laundry Monitoring notifies you via email so there’s no need to keep running down to the laundry room to check.

Hercules and Maytag Commercial Laundry are advancing commercial laundry management with the new Maytag Connect 360, a web-based laundry room communication and management system designed to allow building residents to receive alerts regarding completed wash and dry cycles and machine availability.The system also allows Hercules to receive instant notifications when a laundry room machine requires maintenance, which is dispatched directly to our Hercules service technicians.  Error codes will provide the specific data needed by our technician to handle the issue properly and promptly. For more information on Maytag Connect 360, contact Hercules at 516-822-9300. Maytag Connect 360

Does your building offer Laundry Monitoring? Please Ask Andrew to see what your building’s log-in is.

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