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Ivy Hill Park Apartments

Ivy Hill Park Apartments

Newark, NJ

“Managing such a large property, with more than 10,000 residents, certainly presents a challenge each and every day. I needed a laundry provider that would stand by their work. I required our next laundry provider to free me from the constant service problems that I experienced with our previous company. The reputation that Hercules has, whether it’s installing a laundry room in one building or, in our case, nine laundry rooms across multiple buildings, is unsurpassed. Our residents are thrilled and are no longer walking around the block to the nearby laundromat. The new machines are energy efficient, the rooms are clean and the pricing of the washers and dryers allowed us to “win-back’ previous users who had abandoned the laundry room years ago.”

Ernesto Rivera, Director of Ivy Hill Apartments

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